Joaquin now Category 4, track spares U.S. cities

Posted at 2:06 PM, Oct 01, 2015

Hurricane Joaquin has strengthened to a Category 4, reaching Major Hurricane status as winds are now sustained at 120 mph.

The storm will cause severe disruption of travel over the Bahamas for the next 24 hours and then turn to the north. Joaquin has the potential to intensify to a Category 4 storm as it moves over warmer waters and reorganizes its internal structure.

Most computer weather models are now beginning to sense a trend in the upper wind patterns moving the storm north and then east. This direction will steer Joaquin over the open waters of the Atlantic preventing a direct hit on east coast cities. Coastal communities will still receive heavy rain, gusty wind and rough surf as a result of the storm, but widespread destruction or disruption of travel is less likely.

We can expect occasional rain showers Saturday and again later in the weekend into early next week, but the storm will remain far enough away from Western New York to prevent any severe weather in any of our communities. Temperatures will be cool to start the weekend, but moderate back to normal into the 60s early next week.

Our 7 First Alert Team of Meteorologists will be tracking the movements of Joaquin and updating our weekend forecast as the storm moves northward. You can track rain showers anytime on our weather page right here at WKBW.com/weather .




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