Cold front produces funnels and a rainbow of colors

Posted at 8:16 AM, Aug 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-22 08:38:51-04

Sometimes nature provides us with spectacular views that leave us in awe. It did just that Sunday evening. 

You folks caught a few waterspouts out on Lake Erie. Bryon just happened to be one of the lucky ones to witness and capture this awesome waterspout shot. 

Waterspouts form when you have a warm body of water and cool air aloft. You also need a difference in wind direction to get a little spin. Lake Erie is currently 78F, while the air aloft is 30F cooler. A line of intense showers along a front helped waterspouts develop on Lake Erie Sunday evening.

If you feel like you missed out on some of the action yesterday, no worries. You might be able to see one later on Monday morning from Buffalo area all the way down to Ripley. Chances of seeing a waterspout diminish once we get into the afternoon.

On land, after showers moved through your backyard, the sun once again showed itself. Rainbows began to pop on up all across the Northtowns late Sunday. Take a look at these awesome shots Gina and Adam sent to us.

Rainbows form when water droplets refract sunlight. In order to see a rainbow, sunlight will be shining on your back, while you are looking in the direction of the rainbow. 

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