Has it ever been this cold in April?

Posted at 8:08 AM, Apr 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-07 08:14:43-04

Who would have thought after a mild winter, we would have to pull the winter jackets from the closets and grab the shovels from the back of the garage a few more times.......in April!

Yes, it's been a cold and snowy start to the month! In fact, we've had more snow this month than we did all of December. And the first week has felt more like winter as well. However, this is not the coldest start (first seven days) to April we've ever had since 1980. If you want cold, travel back in time to 1982.

1982 had four days in a row where morning temperatures made it into the teens! It looks as if we're going to miss the top five coldest starts to April but lad at #6. 

How about snow? Even though we've had several shots, we don't crack the top 5 for most snowfall in April's 1st week since 1980.

So far this month, we've had 4.1" of snow fall at the airport. More snow is on the way... to see how much click here

Unfortunately, there's very little spring in the forecast. The next time we will feel temperatures around average will be Monday. However, this will be short lived.