Bishop Malone leads sex abuse healing service

Posted at 11:25 PM, Sep 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-01 18:15:31-04

Inside Saint Joseph Cathedral, several hundred Catholics prayed during the healing service.

While outside, a handful protested.

“It's all so sickening. He should resign immediately,” said one protester.

“He doesn't take allegations of abuse seriously,” added another.

At the heart of both is Buffalo Catholic Bishop Richard Malone. Many continue to call for his resignation for how he's handled sex abuse allegations within the church.

Mrene Corra isn't one of them. She supports the embattled bishop. “Do you think he's doing this for attention? He's getting negative attention. he's doing this because he's trying to follow God's will,” she said.

Bishop Malone admitted he mishandled two sexual abuse allegations involving adults. “I'm afraid that our way of handling that too often has been to quietly try to work with those priests and admonish them and maybe, maybe, maybe, they could have some limited ministry. I see now, that is wrong,” he said.

Malone asked for forgiveness for what he called inaccuracies of church leaders responding to abuse. But, he said he won't apologize for the abusers. “Those who have abused must find it in their own hearts to ask forgiveness.”

Parishioners like Mrene Corra agree.

After Sunday’s service, she doesn't hold Bishop Malone responsible for the distrust within the diocese. “I really believe he has sincere contrition in his heart and he wants to move forward.”


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