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This Sweet Sweat Gel Promises To Make You Lose More Water Weight—And Has 59,000 5-Star Reviews

This Sweet Sweat Gel Promises To Make You Lose More Water Weight—And Has 59,000 5-Star Reviews
Posted at 1:05 PM, Jul 19, 2022

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Perspiration can be embarrassing (especially if it stains your clothing!), but sweating can benefit your health. It prevents overheating, improves skin hydration and may help eliminate toxins from your body. And with a product called Sweet Sweat Gel, you can perspire more in the areas you want to target without smelling like a middle school gym.

Sweet Sweat Gel is activated by elevated heart rate. It can help increase sweat and eliminate excess water weight. The gel comes in a roll-on stick applicator, so you can easily apply it anywhere. Five fragrances of Sweet Sweat are available, including citrus mint, coconut, tropical, vanilla and original. There is also an “unflavored” option.


Sports Research, the brand behind Sweet Sweat, recommends wearing the product under loose-fitting clothing to prevent friction and increase breathability, although the brand also recommends combining it with its neoprene waist trimmer. It can be used while swimming or in saunas and should be wiped off with a towel after the usual cool-down period before showering.

More than 75,000 shoppers have rated Sweet Sweat Gel on Amazon so far, with nearly 60,000 of them giving the product five stars out of five. Customers who’ve been impressed say that the product is a helpful addition to their workout routines, as it promises to help you lose more water weight through sweating.

“I don’t ever sweat on my own and if I do, it’s very little but I use this and wear a waist trimmer under my clothes when going to the gym and by the time I am done with my work out, I am sweating so much that it goes through my clothes,” wrote a reviewer, who shared progress photos taken two months apart. “I’ve seen a lot of progress with this combined with the trainer and I absolutely love it!”

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“I’ve been using this product for working out with the sweet sweat waist band,” wrote another reviewer. “I have a child and some extra weight from pregnancy in my midsection so I’m trying to slim down my waist. It’s been working great; after my workout, when I take the waist band off I can see the sweat dripping down my waist. During my workout I can feel the heat from it working and doing its job. I’ve already lost 10 pounds in three weeks and 3 inches around my waist with this product and a healthy lifestyle.”


Available in three sizes, Sweet Sweat Gel starts at about $25. A 10% discount is available when you also purchase one or more additional items sold by Sports Research, such as the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer, currently discounted to $22.95.

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