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These Succulents That Look Like Little Bunnies Are The Perfect Easter Plants

These Succulents That Look Like Little Bunnies Are The Perfect Easter Plants
Posted at 11:52 AM, Mar 17, 2017

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If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your home for spring, there’s no better way to do it than by adding some fresh greenery. There’s even a plant that seems custom-made for the springtime holidays! Meet: Monilaria obconica. This little succulent looks like a bunny rabbit with two long ears, and it’s just the kind of thing you need come Easter season.

What better plant could there be to show that spring has sprung than one with cute little bunny ears? When these succulents first start to sprout, they look like baby bunnies with two tiny ears. As they grow, the “ears” get longer and longer.

But once you see the “bunny rabbit” in these, it’s hard to un-see, no matter how long those ears get!

In early spring 2017, Twitter user @celely1128posted a couple photos of these sweet plants and the trend soon took off online — for obvious reasons. These potted plants couldn’t be more charming!

The plants are from South Africa and are relatively easy to care for. They’ll go dormant in the summer and usually grow from September to March, so the sooner you get your hands on one, the better!

You can expect them to flower (how pretty!), and they need good drainage and regular watering, especially during their growing season.

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You can purchase seeds from Amazon or from certain Etsy sellers. If you start with seeds, you may have to wait until next Easter to have full-grown plant bunnies, but we think they’ll be worth the wait.

Of course, these cute little bunnies are not the only kinds of sweet succulents you can add to your home decor this spring. There are also whimsical succulents shaped like mermaid tails or bear claws, classy “opal” succulents and pink-tinged succulents known as “Strawberry Ice.”

You could also craft your own dazzling succulent ball for a real, live showstopper decor piece! This one featured in a tweet by Harddy Succulents is stunning.

Are you ready to welcome spring into your home with some new greenery?

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