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Starbucks has a new pink drink and it looks delicious

Starbucks Has A New Pink Drink And It Looks Delicious
Posted at 7:00 AM, May 22, 2020

After moving to drive-thru only for most of their locations following the initial outbreaks of the coronavirus, Starbucks has now reopened more than 85 percent of their company-operated stores across the country. The coffeehouse chain expects to have more than 90 percent of stores open by early June, and they’ve adopted new hours and protocols for a safe experience.

If you’re missing that experience of saying hello to the baristas you know and ordering your favorite drink, this might be the perfect excuse to drop in again: Starbucks has created new menu items with perfect summer vibes, which we could all no doubt use right now.

First up is a new iced guava passionfruit drink that is not only served cold for a refreshing treat, but it is also a pretty shade of pink! The new drink combines flavors of guava, passionfruit, pineapple and ginger and is shaken up with coconut milk and ice, making it smooth and creamy. It joins the list of non-dairy and customizable beverages on Starbucks’ permanent menu.


The drink was just released, but it already has fans online.

Twitter user @moralesabbyy gave it quite the endorsement, declaring it “the most amazing thing from Starbucks”:

And @hash_drew is “in love”:

Some aren’t fans of this particular tropical fruit, though. @darleeen23 is not pleased that the coffee chain has yet another guava drink on the menu:

Starbucks also made an addition to their permanent menu that has 22 grams of protein: a grilled chicken and hummus protein box that includes grilled chicken breast, roasted red pepper hummus, naan, baby carrots and snap peas.


Sweet tooths, you’ll also find a new unicorn cake pop on the menu! Available for a limited time, the vanilla cake with confetti sprinkles is shaped into a unicorn, then dipped in a “white chocolatey icing” and completed with a cute unicorn face.


Nothing says summertime like s’mores, so Starbucks is also bringing back their s’mores frappuccino for a limited time. The drink combines layers of marshmallow-infused whipped cream, milk chocolate sauce, a blend of vanilla, coffee, milk and ice, and then is topped with even more marshmallow whipped cream. It is, of course, finished off with a graham cracker crumble.


If you’d still rather stay at home, Starbucks also has some new treats you can find at your local grocery store, including their cold brew concentrates.

Are you excited to head back to a Starbucks soon, or will you be picking up some goodies at the grocery store for at-home coffee?

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