Soccer Shots introducing backyard camps

Posted at 4:00 AM, Jul 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-20 05:23:54-04

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Due to the pandemic, Soccer Shots Buffalo noticed some families were uncomfortable with sending their kids to a Soccer Shots camp, so they decided to bring the camp to the family.

Soccer Shots Private Backyard Camps offer families the chance to have one coach come to their house with sanitized equipment to put on a full soccer session.

The minimum number of participants is five, the maximum is ten.

The classes themselves will be held with children socially distant and coaches wearing a mask. Changes were made so some of the more traditional exercises will not be used in the name of safety.

"We've gotten rid of part of our curriculum like tag games," said Mark Miller, Executive Director of Soccer Shots Buffalo. "Hopefully we get to a point in the future where we can add those back in."

Below are all changes being made in the name of safety during these backyard camps

  • Avoid high-fives, fist bumps and unnecessary physical contact
  • Wear a face covering if our state and/or local jurisdiction requires or recommends doing so
  • Use rings, spots or orange cones as “home base” to keep children spread out when possible
  • Request that equipment be cleaned up and put away only by the coach
  • Continue to remind children the importance of keeping safe distances when practicing skills, by mentioning to “keep your distance so you don’t bump into your friends”
  • Avoid the use of pinnies
  • Use a modified individualized Soccer Shots cheer at the end of the session

Additionally, Soccer Shots is asking parents to do the following before and during camps

  • Wash or sanitize hands before entering Soccer Island
  • Adhere to state and/or local jurisdiction regarding face covering requirements. All adults helping to supervise the children must be wearing a face covering.
  • Practice social distancing by trying to stay 6 feet away from others that do not live in your household
  • (If it applies) Stay home when you are sick and keep your children home from soccer if they are sick
  • (If it applies) Call to reschedule if you have booked a Backyard Camp but you or anyone in your household is sick
  • If attending a Mini session (ages 2-3), we ask that only one family member per child be present on Soccer Island

Soccer Shots is currently accepting reservations for their backyard camp.

That all can be found at the link here.