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Sabres forward Jeff Skinner goes "Bald for Bucks"

Bald for Bucks
Posted at 5:29 PM, Mar 22, 2022

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — With 24 goals and counting this season, Sabres forward Jeff Skinner's impact on the ice hasn't gone unnoticed.

But on Tuesday after practice, Skinner's smile spoke louder than any of those goals.

"Being a part of the Sabres means you're a part of the community," Skinner said. "I think everyone in there takes pride in being a part of that community."

Skinner is going "Bald for Bucks". It's an initiative that raises money for cancer research and programs at Roswell Park.

"We've had some breakthroughs this year that are going to trial that really can make a difference in saving lives and even heightening the percentage of saving lives," said Rich Sanders, a board member and father.

Saving lives like those of six-year-old Andre Sanders who was diagnosed with stage four nephroblastoma in 2019. Skinner's buzz cut means so much.

"Sometimes the hair can be used to provide comfort to children as my son, he lost all his hair during his chemotherapy," Sanders said. "It was a very traumatic event for him. It's a great thing to put it all together."

Which is why it only made sense to have Andre, other survivors, and even teammates get in on the action. It's a new look, but it's also an opportunity for Skinner to show how much he cares.

"I think any time we get a chance to participate in that, I think guys are happy and it's a good feeling," he said.

Skinner's new haircut is just the start of his generosity and support for Bald for Bucks. For every $50 donation, Skinner will donate $53, up to $53,000 total.

To donate, you can visit