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NHL Draft 2022 Prospect Profile: Frank Nazar

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Posted at 8:38 PM, Jul 05, 2022

BUFFALO, NY. (WKBW) — Every player has their own way of leading. Frank Nazar's approach involves little words but big effort.

"I kind of like to lead by example and not talk and yell at guys. I'm more of a you see me working hard and you'll wanna work hard too,” says Nazar. “So, I like to sit back and do my business and motivate guys that way."

Born and raised in Michigan, Nazar always imagined playing in his home state at the collegiate level. That dream will come true next season as he joins the Wolverines, a program that he believes will only make him better.

"The guys that they put through and go to the NHL and make a big impact right away.. like look at the guys that came through this year. Almost averaging a point per game like Matty Bernier, that's just something that I kind of want to do."

Nazar will get that chance as a top 15 prospect in this year's draft. He's always been a winger... until a year and a half ago when he made the transition to center. It's there that he feels most comfortable, but it was an adjustment.

"Kind of working on the defensive side and realizing that there's more to the game than just going down and scoring a goal. That's something that was hard for me in the beginning but once I kind of figured it out, it came easy."

As a well-rounded player, Nazar has averaged a point a game at every level he's played. size aside, some call Nazar an underrated player who could be a 1st round steal.

"I feel like I bring a big part to the team and I create a lot of chances and I feel like it's kind of a little looked over and looked upon and I also don't really give up much on the defensive side so I think that's kind of something."

A player who's work ethic has helped him turn heads.. and could possibly land him in buffalo when the team picks 9th and 16th overall.