Danny Gare remembers Gordie Howe

Posted at 9:41 PM, Jun 10, 2016

Danny Gare is in an exclusive club.  He is a former captain of the Detroit Red Wings.  Another member of that club: Gordie Howe.

Howe, the NHL legend known as Mr. Hockey, passed away Friday at the age of 88.

Gare, a Sabres Hall-of-Famer, was traded by Buffalo to Detroit in 1981.  While in Detroit, Howe spent a lot of time in the Wings' dressing room, among Gare and the players.

While with the Sabres Gare also played against Howe's Hartford Whalers during Howe's final season in the NHL.

The two men actually played on the same team once.  During the 1980 NHL All-Star Game both suited up for the Wales Conference at Detroit's Joe Louis Arena.  It was Gare's first NHL All-Star Game.  It was Howe's 23rd and last.

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