NWHL players request league transparency in wake of salary cuts

Posted at 7:01 PM, Nov 19, 2016

A day after National Women's Hockey League Commissioner Dani Rylan announced player salaries would be cut by 50 percent in an effort to save the 2016-2017 season, players voiced their concern and requested transparency from the league.

"Obviously every business decision we make has an end result of ensuring that the world class players in this league will have the opportunity to continue to play for a paycheck," Rylan told reporters on Friday.  "It's a decision we didn't make likely.  It came after trying everything we could from a business perspective to avoid it doing everything we can to build the league. Sometimes that means having to take a step back."

Players make an average salary ranging from anywhere from $12,000 to $26,000.

Alex Carpenter, who plays for the Boston Pride, announced on Twitter on Saturday the players are asking for full financial disclosure from the league, requesting they release why the league's revenue has decreased and that a third party audit the NWHL.

On a blog post forSB Nation, former Buffalo Beauts forward and current New York Riveter Tatiana Rafter explained before salary cuts she would have roughly $92 dollars after all her bills we paid.

With the salary cuts, she'll be short roughly $800 per month.

"There are 7 months remaining in the season, and with the salary cuts, my total salary deficit will be around -$5,656 by the end of April," she wrote.  "Essentially, by continuing to play and fighting for the future of our sport, I will be putting myself into debt and shouldering a disproportionate amount of risk personally – as will my peers."

Following the request from players, the league released this statement from Rylan.

"The players have many concerns and disappointments, and I understand that completely. I deeply appreciate that, despite the emotions of the last two days, they have continued with their preparation for tomorrow’s games in Buffalo and Newark."

"My colleagues and I have always and will always do everything in our power to build a professional league that the amazing athletes of the NWHL deserve. Despite our setbacks, we have made many positive strides — thanks in large part to our players. Our hope is that we can continue a positive, constructive dialogue with the players over the next two weeks.”

The Beauts host Boston on Sunday at 3:30 at HarborCenter.