Mr. Irrelevant: Chad Kelly last player selected in 2017 NFL Draft

Posted at 7:17 PM, Apr 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-29 23:40:17-04

Chad Kelly will go down in NFL history, like many before him.

He might not be a hall of fame quarterback like his uncle Jim Kelly was for the Buffalo Bills, but his name will be remembered.

With the 253rd overall pick the Buffalo native was selected last in the 2017 NFL draft by the Denver Broncos.

"Mr. Irrelevant" is the name bestowed upon those picked last every year in the draft.  The QB couldn't be more relevant.

Kelly's journey to the NFL Draft has been anything but easy.  He's had plenty of off the field issues which raised flags for franchises in the hunt for a cornerstone piece at the most important position in the league.

His most recent run-in occurred during the fall whenhe rushed the field during his younger brother Casey's football game.

Before that, there was an incident outside of a bar in downtown Buffalo.

Kelly originally enrolled at Clemson, but was dismissed from the team in 2014.

After enrolling at East Mississippi, a junior college in Scooba, Miss., Kelly earned the honor of being tabbed as the nation's top junior college quarterback after guiding the Lions to a 12-0 mark and a NJCAA National Championship.

In 2015 Kelly joined the Rebels at Ole Miss.

There's no debating the talent he possesses.  Kelly went 14-8 as a starter in the Southeastern Conference at Ole Miss, which included a win over No. 2 ranked Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

After deciding to return for his senior season, Kelly final year was cut short after tearing his ACL.  He worked his way back, but suffered a wrist injury during his pro day.  He was projected as a sixth or seventh rounder by NFL experts.

The Broncos see something in Kelly, and now it's his chance to put the past behind him and potentially carve out an NFL career.