Medical condition threatens McCormick's career

Posted at 6:45 AM, Dec 11, 2015

In his own words Sabres forward Cody McCormick feels fine. But the truth of the matter is the 31-year-old is battling a life threatening medical condition that for now has put his hockey career in jeopardy.

The forward was hospitalized in January after doctors discovered blood clots in his calf traveled to his lungs. Had doctors not discovered the clots, it could have proved to be fatal.

McCormick currently takes blood thinners in the hopes the clots dissolve. But while he's on the medication and clots remain, he's unable to resume his career.

In an exclusive sit down interview with 7 Eyewitness Sports Anchor Shawn Stepner, McCormick says the lowest point he's experienced during his time away from ice was doctors telling him it wouldn't be a good idea to play again.

"After training you have a focus and everything is starting to build up. There's new players coming in, there's an excitement in town and then you're told that you shouldn't be a part of it for your medication and for your medical needs," he said. "That was pretty tough."

McCormick does skate, but in a limited capacity with his teammates.

He's not the only player in the league to battle blood clots. Pittsburgh's Pascal Dupuis retired two days ago due to the same medical condition.




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