Cavs' JR Smith gives away his Championship ring

Posted at 7:03 PM, Oct 27, 2016

JR Smith is not the first athlete to express appreciation for his parents and I am sure he won’t be the last.  However, after he won an NBA title back in June his raw emotion about his family’s role in his success was both special and memorable.

It’s been about four months since Smith and his Cavaliers team won the title, but the time passed definitely has not clouded his memory. On Tuesday the Cavaliers’ championship banner was raised, and the team received their rings.

The rings probably represent something different for each player. For some, it may be a testament to their handwork and determination. To others, it may be a really expensive souvenir to remember a historic NBA Finals.  For JR Smith the ring is one more way for him to say “Thank you.”

Since the Cavs won the title, Smith’s gratitude for his parents unconditional love and unwavering support has not dwindled. Prior to the ring and banner ceremony, he told News 5 that his parents are his motivation and that they believed in his dreams before he even envisioned them for himself.

For JR Smith, who hit a team-high of 16 three-pointers in the 2016 NBA Finals, his new bling is being gifted to the people he says gave him the ability and strength to shine.