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Unified basketball unites two WNY high schools

Posted at 11:55 PM, May 04, 2018

The 2018 unified basketball season has begun in Western New York and two area high schools kicked things off in an incredible way.

Earlier this year, Sweet Home High School had an idea to hold a unified basketball game during school hours. Athletic Director Matt LaRoach got in touch with Newfane High School and they hopped on board.

The two teams played their first regular season game at Sweet Home High School Friday afternoon. Sweet Home adjusted their school schedule to have classes end at 12:15pm and encouraged their students and faculty members to watch the two teams compete after the final bell rang.

Around 1,100 people filled the Sweet Home gym and watched the two teams compete, have fun and kick the season off on a high note. They say it was more about supporting unified sports rather than supporting just one school.

Unified Sports combine student-athletes with those with some type of intellectual disability, all of them playing together in one game. Section VI added bowling to the Unified Sports schedule this winter and are hoping to add another sport in the fall in the near future.

For sights and sounds from Friday's game, you can watch the story above this article.


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