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Sweet Home's Tyler Edholm scores hat trick in final game of successful hockey career

Edholm named Super 7 male athlete of the week
Posted at 9:02 PM, Mar 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-16 21:02:13-04

It's always sweet to be a part of a state championship team.

For Tyler Edholm, that moment came in the final game of his hockey career when Sweet Home beat West Seneca West for the New York State Division II title.

"I've never won a state championship before, I've never won anything else before this," Edholm said. "It just feels great to be named Tournament MVP and be able to end things with my best friends as a state champion."

For Edholm, his high school career on the ice at Sweet Home will be one to remember.

He finished 2nd in career points with 128, 1st in single season goals with 36 and 1st in single season points with 65. He's also tied for first in all-time career goals with 73.

In their final two games of the season he scored two hat tricks, one in each game, and was named the weekend's most valuable player.

"I knew there wouldn't be a bigger stage than what I was on," he said. "Those were the two biggest games of my life and I knew those were the two last games of my life and I wanted to end it with a bang."

Because his high school hockey career is over as he looks to continue and develop his skills on the golf course.

But he'll always have that time at Sweet Home, that time he won a ring and that time he and his team made history.

"Everybody's gonna look up and see that in the gym that 2018 was the first year that we ever won a state championship and I'll know looking up there when I come back that I was on that team."

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