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Super 7: Jackson Tuohey making mark on Medina football with infectious spirit and love for the game

Jackson Tuohey
Posted at 4:23 PM, Sep 17, 2021

MEDINA, N.Y. (WKBW) — When Medina scores a touchdown in any given game, their fans break out in cheers.

But while the players and crowd go wild, there's one person on the sideline you can't help but notice. That guy is Jackson Tuohey, the Medina football team manager and biggest "hype man".

"It's great to have our one-man cheering crew in Jackson," Medina head coach Eric Valley said.

Jackson joined the Medina football program seven years ago when coach Valley and his parents thought it'd be the perfect way for him to get involved. From there, his involvement with the Medina athletic program grew.

As a student with special needs, continuing his education at the high school, Jackson has long been an intricate part of the Medina athletic program. He plays unified basketball and bowling, and attends any sporting event he can.

"Everyone high fives him when they walk in the gym for a basketball game or wherever they see him, even if they graduated several years ago," Valley said. "Everyone remembers Jackson and Jackson knows everyone."

At football practice, Jackson is hard to ignore for good reason. He stretches with the team, helps coach them up, and steps into whatever role they need.

"If anyone needs my help, I'm here to help them," Jackson said.

And his mark on the football team hasn't gone unnoticed, just like Jackson's never-ending fandom for the football program and school.

"Medina means a lot to me," Jackson said. "I love Medina so much."

"As long as he's willing to come to our practices, we're willing to have him," Valley added. "I would never say no to him whether he was 14 or 40 years old. He just brings such a great energy to our program."

A hype man, an athlete, a coach, and the ultimate super fan. Jackson Tuohey has changed Medina sports and the school, the community, and the Medina football team is better because of him.

Congratulations to Jackson Tuohey of Medina, our Super 7 of the week!