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Section VI Class B-2 boys finals set, Health Sciences to play JFK in Championship

Posted at 10:21 PM, Feb 26, 2018

It'll be the 3rd and 4th seed playing for a Section VI Class B-2 title.

Health Sciences and JFK will play in the Championship game this weekend after each won their semifinal game on Monday. The games were played at Buffalo State.

In the first semifinal game, 4th seed Health Sciences beat 1st seed Middle Early College 62-42. Davonte Gaines led the winners with 21 points while Tayvion Nelson and Tysheen Lott each added 12.

In the second semifinal game, 3rd seed JFK held on to beat 10th seed Southwestern 66-60. Jacob Braniecki led the winners with 26 points while Nick Baker added 19 (9 of them in the 1st quarter).

The Section VI Class B-2 semifinal game is set for Saturday, March 3rd at 12pm in the Buffalo State Sports Arena.


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