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No-hitters becoming nothing new for Franklinville pitcher Ally Haskell

Haskell named WKBW's Super 7 athlete of the week
Posted at 8:13 PM, Apr 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-27 20:13:59-04

Playing varsity softball isn't anything new to Ally Haskell. She's been a pitcher for the Franklinville Panthers since they brought her up as a 7th grader.

"It was an adjustment," Haskell said about playing Varsity at such a young age. "But I think as the season went on, I think it got more and more natural."

Haskell has been special since the day she threw her first pitch with the Panthers.

In fact, she remembers her first ever game pretty well.

Why? She threw a no-hitter.

"It was the first time we actually kept track and everything so I didn't really even know what a no-hitter was at first or if it was normal for people," she laughed. "So it was exciting."

Since that first game, Haskell has thrown 12 no-hitters including one this season.

As a junior, she went 13-1 on the mound with a .81 ERA and 197 strikeouts. Her coach, Allan Dunlap, says those statistics speak volumes along with something else.

"There's five or six times a season she's throwing a one or a two-hitter," Dunlap said. "So she's been right there so many times so that 12 could very easily be, with a little bit of luck, 20 or more."

Haskell is sure to add a few more no-hitters to her name as she takes her talents to St. Bonaventure University.

Until then, she's hoping to grow even more as a pitcher.

"I wanna work on my pitches and make sure that I'm comfortable with them all and hitting the right spots," she said. "Hopefully, we (Franklinville) can go far in the playoffs."


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