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Manhattan Cup Finals set, four teams to play for titles next Tuesday

Posted at 11:16 PM, Feb 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-24 23:16:52-05

The Monsignor Martin Manhattan Cup boys basketball finals are set.

On Tuesday, February 27th, four teams will take the court at the Canisius College Koessler Center with a Class A and Class B title on the line.

The Class A game will feature top seed Canisius taking on 2nd seed Park in a highly-anticipated game. In the semifinal rounds, Canisius beat 4th seed St. Francis 79-56 while Park beat 3rd seed Timon 67-57.

The two teams have met twice during the regular season with each team winning their games on their home floor.

The Class B game will feature top seed Cardinal O'Hara taking on 3rd seed Niagara Catholic. In the semifinal rounds, Niagara Catholic beat 2nd St. Mary's of Lancaster 67-60 while Cardinal O'Hara beat 4th seed Nichols 54-46 for their first Manhattan Cup berth in 24 years.

The two teams met twice during the regular season with each team winning their games on the road.

The Manhattan Cup Finals will kick off at 6pm with the Class B game followed by the Class A game at 7:45pm.


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