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JFK's Shevaughn Allen finishes track & field career with multiple school records

Allen named our Super 7 athlete of the week
Posted at 4:41 PM, Jun 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-08 16:41:42-04

Shevaughn Allen wears a green, yellow, and black beaded necklace nearly every day.

"I cherish it," Allen said about the necklace. "I use it to remember all my friends, my homeland, it reminds me of the heat."

Allen and his family moved from Jamaica to Buffalo two years ago. It was an unfamiliar and colder new home but one that allowed him to do one familiar activity: run. 

"When we did the testing, he tested high above everyone else," said JFK boys track & field coach Jacob Minnifield. "Once we got outside to the track, it transferred right over."

Allen joined the JFK track & field team when he transferred to the school. The running part was easy, the climate not so much.

"The cold, I don't like the cold at all," laughed Allen. "I'll take eighty and up all year."

Despite the weather, Allen has taken over the school record books. He holds five of them, he also holds the ECIC record in the long jump and won the state title in the triple jump last year.

"If I get complacent, other people will be out there practicing hard enough to beat me so I can't really sit back and say oh I'm the champion," Allen said. "I can't go and get it again without practice so I gotta practice."

On Friday, Allen competed in the NYSPHSAA Division II triple jump championship and placed third. He will head to the University at Buffalo this fall to attend school and compete for the Bulls track & field team.


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