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Hawk trio and friends leaving Cardinal O'Hara with impressive resume

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Posted at 5:22 PM, Mar 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-10 17:22:24-05

When you meet Kiara Johnson, Cierra Harrison and Nickelle O'Neil, you'll notice they're more than teammates.

"They're like my sisters basically and I couldn't do it without them," Harrison said.

The three have been playing together since their days in AAU ball and have been on the Cardinal O'Hara varsity team since they were freshman.

"Playing on the court with them, it's not just oh that's my teammate," Johnson added. "That's my family."

The trio have had not just a familial relationship, they've had a career to remember. They've won more than 85 games in their four years and have never lost to an area opponent.

That relationship off the court is what makes their on court chemistry so special.

"It helps a lot because you know their strength and weaknesses and you know how to help each other," Harrison said.

The one thing they haven't done is win a State Championship, something they hope will come to fruition this weekend after winning their semifinal game Friday night.

"I saw it as an 8th grader," O'Neil said about O'Hara winning a title. "I saw them win and seeing the excitement, if I won, me Cierra and Kiara, that would be a blast."

But even if they don't come back with a ring, the memories they have together will be the thing they'll remember most.

Their days of playing together on the same court are winding down and it's hard to imagine life on the court without each other.

"It makes me wanna cry because I'm leaving but I just wanna win still because I'll then have even more great memories with them to bring to college," said Johnson.

Kiara is already committed to play at Eastern Michigan while Nickelle and Cierra haven't made a decision just yet. Both have a lot of interest from several schools and plan on committing before the school year is up.


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