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Greg Hastings makes fourth state appearance, one shy of tying Section VI record

Hastings named Super 7 athlete of the week
Posted at 1:20 PM, Jun 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-01 13:20:07-04

It's not everyday you meet a tennis player like Greg Hastings.

"Everything's just been off the charts special with Greg," his tennis coach John LeMar said.

As a junior at North Tonawanda, Hastings has cemented himself as one of the best the tennis program has ever had. So good that he's 69-0 in the regular season against area opponents.

"I have faith in my game," he said. "I compete every time and just hope for the best and most of the time, I'll come out on top."

That perfection dates back to 7th grade when he first joined the team.

A year later, he placed at sectionals to earn a spot in the New York state singles tennis tournament.

"Everyone was taller than me," laughed Hastings. "Competing against high schoolers was crazy."

Since then, he's gone back every year. That's four straight trips and now one trip shy of tying the all-time Section VI record of state appearances.

"I'm definitely more comfortable but you still get the nervousness that comes along with it," he said.

But nerves are part of the game and Hastings is still a special player. He's one his coach says doesn't come around very often.

"I've coached for almost 30 years," LeMar said. "I fully expect that I'll never see another player like Greg."

the future is bright for Hastings who's hoping to build off this season's state quarterfinal appearance and earn a scholarship to play tennis in college. 


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