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From a multi-sport athlete to a state-record powerlifter

Powerlifting helping Cole Janowsky's performance
Posted at 4:35 PM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 16:35:46-04

Lifting never came easy for teenager Cole Janowsky.

"Back when I first started (lifting), I could barely bench the bar," Janowsky said.

Since then, Janowsky can do a lot more.

It's all thanks to the sport of powerlifting. He started back in the 7th grade when he began working with long-time strength coach Thomas Delorimiere.

"Any athlete that wants to get stronger, I work with them," he said.

Delorimiere helps athletes like Janoswky to become better overall both physically and mentally.

Janowsky has learned to push through a difficult drill and not let the words give up enter his mind. He's also seen the work he does in the gym pay off in wrestling and in football.

"It was easier to get through the guys and make the tackles and perform better out on the field," he said about the impact powerlifting has had in his high school sports.

Jankowsky's grown to enjoy powerlifting, so why not compete?

A few weeks ago, he took part in the Western New York powerlifting championships through the USPA. He didn't have any expectations since it was his first ever competition.

But the results speak differently. By the end of the day, Janowsky was a winner and state record holder in all four categories (bench press, dead lift, squats, and total points).

"It's rewarding to me as a coach to see him come up," Delorimiere said. "He's gained a lot of confidence and has become a different guy and hopefully it'll help him in life as well as athletics."

Janowsky is certain his play on the football field this fall will be even better thanks to his training and as for his off-season sport of powerlifting, the possibilities are endless.

Said Delorimiere, "I think I see him doing some damage if he stays with it."


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