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FLOP duo score three goals in State Championship game, hoping to capture "Trifecta" this weekend

Becker, Kromer our Super 7 female athletes of week
Posted at 5:10 PM, Feb 23, 2018

Two weeks ago, the Frontier, Lake Shore and Orchard Park girls hockey team won a New York State Championship, the first time a Section VI team has ever won that title.

"It's definitely cool to be a part of history," said senior Emily Kromer. "We've definitely set the precedence for Section VI all over the place."

Part of the reason they won was the offensive play of sophomore Brooke Becker and senior Emily Kromer.

The duo combined for three goals in the win and were both named to the All-Tournament team.

They've been two of the team's go-to girls when they need a big play and take pride in not just their personal stats, but helping the entire team have success.

"It's nice that we're relied on but when it comes down to things it's a team sport," said Becker. "So putting the pucks in the net is all for our team."

They've put the pucks in the net quite a bit and it's paid off.

FLOP already has a Section VI title and the New York State title. Next is completing that "trifecta" and winning the Western New York Fed Hockey championship.

"Last year we fell short with the Trifecta so to complete it this year will be the end all for us," Kromer said. "For me as a senior, it would be awesome to go out on the perfect note."

A dream that these players are hoping to make come true for not just this year but for the many years to come.

Girls like Emily have set the bar and girls like Brooke will look to continue FLOP's rich tradition in hockey.

"We wanna keep winning obviously so we're gonna get out there with the same game plan and work our hardest," said Becker.

FLOP will play CASH on Sunday at 6pm.