Eden's Sissy Harman saves 69 shots in a game, breaks Fed Hockey record

Harman named Super 7 female athlete of the week

Eden, N.Y. (WKBW) - Sissy Harman has been playing in goal for eight years.

Her older brother was a goalie and his former Coach gave her an ultimatum.

"He said the only way you're playing hockey is if you play goalie," Harman said. "So then I started playing with his team."

Harman is now a junior for the HEWS hockey team comprised of Hamburg, Eden and West Seneca.

Being a goalie takes its toll mentally and physically.

Harman says you have to be nearly perfect in everything you do.

"It's really hard to remember in your head every possible thing," she said. "If you're out of your net far enough, if your glove and blocker is out far enough."

But Harman has done pretty well and two weeks ago, she broke a huge record. 

When she was moving, she was moving really well, left to right. She was kicking her legs out really strong, she was tracking the puck, she was doing everything a goaltender should be doing," said head coach Tom Ferro. "She was totally in the zone and she showed it."

In a game against FLOP, Harman stopped 69 of 70 shots, recording the most saves in girls Fed hockey history.

"Sissy never quits," said assistant coach Gehen. "She plays very hard and will always give 110% no matter what the circumstance is."

The circumstance that night was a tiring affair.

But if you think Harman doesn't want to face that many shots ever again, you're wrong.

"I wanna do more," laughed Harman. "I'm going for more, it's fun! I find it really fun to stop 70 or 80 shots. It's exhilarating and keeps me going."

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