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Canisius' Tristian Vandenberg carries on kicking tradition

Third straight kicker to get D-I scholarship
Posted at 6:45 PM, Aug 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-28 18:45:03-04

A soccer player years ago turned into a kicker.

"Soccer was my main sport for a while," Tristian Vandenberg said. "Then after a couple years of kicking, I decided I needed to focus on that more."

Tristian has for the last few years, becoming a reliable kicker for the Canisius football team. He's coming off a season where 65% of his kickoffs were touchbacks and with a new season approaching, those long field goals are on his mind.

"I want to hit a couple big ones like our last two kickers Blake and Michael have," he said. "Like a 60-yard field goal just like they have."

It'll take some work but Tristian is eager for the challenge. 

"Over the past couple months I really realized I'm good enough,said Vandenberg. "I'm able to do it, I'm able to fulfill my dream."

A dream of kicking at the next level and doing something pretty special.

"I'm extremely excited," he said. "Kicking has definitely has changed my life."

Tristian has done more than just secure a spot in college, he's carried on a tradition. He's the third straight kicker from Canisius High School to accept a Division-I football scholarship.

"It's crazy to believe," he said. Not many schools can do it, not many high schools have done it. It's just a tradition here."

That tradition carries on with Tristian who has kicked his way to a scholarship and hopefully much more. He's verbally committed to Ohio University but has been receiving even more interest over the summer.


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