Lancaster's Orlando prepares for West Point

Posted at 3:12 PM, May 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-14 09:03:55-04

Anna Orlando is used to leading.

She's a captain on the Lancaster Lacrosse team and has powered the Legends to a 9-3 record behind a team high 40 goals and 52 points. But, in less than a year, she'll be trading in her jersey for a uniform.

"Anyone who gets recruited and goes on these visits gets a feeling as soon as they get there, that's the place they belong," she said.

In March 2015, she committed to playing DI lacrosse at The United States Military Academy at West Point and to serve in the Army.

"I always have wanted to go into the military since I was younger," she said.

Anna is used to the military life. Her grandfather and dad both served in the Army.

Growing up one of four, when October and Halloween would roll around, "One of us was usually an Army solider," she said. "I was usually the one that was the Army solider."

Her grandfather's reaction?

"The first thing he said was, 'I'm going to have to salute you. I wasn't that rank when I graduated.' It was an amazing feeling being able to tell him. It was definitely a moment I'll cherish forever."

She says she felt called to serve but her decision wasn't easy. Anna was also being recruited to play lacrosse in the Big Ten at Michigan.

"It was back and forth between a little bit whether I wanted a college experience or a brighter future," she said. "I think it was more about thinking more about everything else. The world is much bigger than one college experience."

"You know, I think she knew the bigger picture, and that she wanted to serve our country," Head Coach Julie Buccieri added. "She has great big plans and I think it is fantastic she gets to play lacrosse along the way."

"You meet people that ask me where I'm going and I say West Point and they have no idea what West Point is or I get a hooah reaction, where everybody knows about it and makes a big deal."

Hooah - an Army motivation phrase.

"It's one of the best feelings knowing that I'm going to be a part of that tradition."


#1 Anna Orlando, Lancaster Lacrosse
Currently leads the Legends in goals and points.  She committed to playing college lacrosse at the United State Military Academy at West Point.

#2 Alex Buczynski, Canisius Track & Field
Broke a 30-year school record jumping 23’1” at the Sweet Home  Panther Invite Track Meet.

“Alex is a great athlete and especially enjoy the long and triple jump.  His strong work ethic has allowed him to soar.” – Bob Duggan, Head coach

Photo: Bill Wende /Section 6 Runs

#3 Megan Fish, Williamsville North Softball

Over the last week went 2-1 in the circle, but also had eight hits in 12 at-bats, driving in seven runs for the Spartans.

“Megan has been our rock and leader all season, especially at the plate” – Rick Bubar, Head Coach


#4 Mike Steffan, Williamsville East Baseball
Went 5-for-5 with two home runs and six RBI in the Flames’ 13-9 win over Kenmore West.

#5 Abby Stone, Akron Softball
Named the Pembroke Tournament MVP and currently leads the Tigers in eight categories including average (.549), RBI (40) and runs scored (29).  A catcher, she has only allowed two stolen bases all season.

“We rely on Abby to do her job that means hit the ball hard.  "Abby rarely has a past ball at the plate, and runners are reluctant to move too far away from bases knowing Abby is eager to pick them off. As catcher's go, Abby's among the best." – Marlene Stone, Head Coach

#6 – Eric Deakin, St. Joe’s Lacrosse
13 saves and 2 assists, including 60 and 40 yarders to lift the Marauders to a 13-9 win over rival Canisius.

#7 Christy Mack, Williamsville East Softball
Over the last week went 6-for-10 with three home runs, seven RBI and six runs scored.