Bryce Schiltz breaking records and making impact for East Aurora soccer

Schiltz named Super 7 Male Athlete of the Week
Posted at 4:12 PM, Nov 03, 2017

It's pretty special being a part of something historic. Just ask Bryce Schiltz.

"We knew we would be a good team going in to this year but I don't think anybody would've predicted 19-0," he said.

Make that 20-0 after the East Aurora boys soccer team won the Section VI Class A final on Wednesday where Schiltz scored two goals.

Their season is still ongoing, just like Bryce's school record.

A few weeks ago, he scored his 66th career goal, becoming the school's highest scoring player in 21 years.

"It's a good feeling to break that record because even growing up I've watched a lot of phenomenal players play for East Aurora varsity soccer," said Schiltz.

Breaking that record took a lot of work.

Schiltz has been playing soccer since he could kick a ball and as his interest grew, so did the time he spent on the field.

"It basically runs my life for the most part," he said.

Schiltz plays the sport nearly year-round between school, travel, and premier.

Soccer is a huge commitment but at the end of the day, he can't imagine life any other way.

"I would go crazy," said Schiltz. "I feel like I'd be bored out of my mind and have nothing to do. It's more than the game. It's about the friendships you make, it's everything about it." 

It's a good thing Schiltz won't stop playing soccer anytime soon as he plans to play collegiately at the University of Scranton.