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Baseball: Roy-Hart and Brocton advance to state semifinals

Three other Section VI teams fall short
Posted at 8:54 PM, Jun 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-02 20:54:48-04

The Roy-Hart and Brocton baseball teams are still alive in the hunt for a NYSPHSAA title. The two teams won their Far West Regional games on Saturday to advance to the state semifinals.

*The AA, A, and C games were played in Rochester, the D game was played in Jamestown while the B game was played in Orchard Park

In the Class B game, Roy-Hart dominated from the beginning and beat Midlakes 10-1. It'll be their first ever trip to the state semifinals. Roy-Hart will play Seton Catholic Central in the semifinal game scheduled for Friday, June 8th. The game will be played at Maine-Endwell High School.

In the Class D game, Brocton beat Avoca 5-1. Brocton will play Deposit/Hancock in the state semifinals scheduled for Friday, June 8th. The game will be played at NYSEG Stadium.

In the Class AA game Lancaster fell to Victor 3-1, in the Class A game Canandaigua blanked Maryvale 4-0, while in the Class C game Avon blanked Silver Creek 3-0.

*The above picture is courtesy of the Roy Hart baseball twitter account


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