Another perfect season and 91 straight wins for NW boys golf

Falcons just grabbed another NFL title
Posted at 4:33 PM, Oct 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-12 16:33:02-04

It's hard enough to maintain a win streak, so imagine maintaining one over a span of a few years.

The Niagara Wheatfield boys golf team has done that. They've won 91 straight matches and recently completed another perfect season. 

"Coach definitely helps," said senior Dominic Rotunno. "He's helped us a lot, keeps us all going, and just the team that we have is really close together."

The Falcons are coming off another Niagara Frontier title, their fifth straight.

"It's come from all the seniors in the past, all the older guys who taught us well," said sophomore Anthony Delisanti. "We just learned how to play consistent golf and keep having fun."

The team is compiled of seniors who've been a part of the program for years, underclassmen who keep getting better and those just starting out. RJ Delisanti is a 7th grader on the team who plays alongside his brother Anthony.

"My brother's been on since he's been in 7th grade so he's been a good role model," RJ said. "I pretty much do whatever he does and get better along the way."

The Falcons are sending a handful of golfers to the Section VI Championships in the Spring.


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