Got milk? Bills' DT Harrison Phillips drinks a gallon a day!

Posted at 10:26 AM, Dec 11, 2018

Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Harrison Phillips told a gym full of elementary school students his favorite drink is chocolate milk.

Phillips announced a $5,000 grant from the Buffalo Bills Foundation and National Dairy Council for Heritage Heights Elementary to expand the school's breakfast program and enhance its physical education program. While talking to students, Phillips told them he orders chocolate milk every time he goes out to eat, urging them to add more dairy to their diets.

He revealed during high school and in times when he needs to bulk up, he drinks a gallon of milk a day. "It's 4,000 calories and you need it when you're working out and burning off so much energy," says Phillips.

The school now has a Grab 'n Go breakfast kiosk, increasing student access to healthy and nutritous food.

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