Frontier soccer celebrates generations of players

Remembering the first ECIC title in the 1950's
Posted at 11:38 PM, Aug 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-22 23:38:01-04

"They all had gifts. They all had types of ability. That's what I reflect on, these men that I was with and the pictures."

Stan Figiel has a folder and inside are pictures and articles that serve as reminders of his time on the soccer field with some of his best friends.

"I look at those pictures and reflect on this picture," said Figiel. "I often reflect on players and the people I played with."

Figiel was a member of the first ever ECIC Championship team at Frontier back in the early 50s. On Wednesday, he was back where it all began as players of nearly every decade kicked off their alumni weekend, uniting a special Frontier family.

"When you're here at Frontier, it's part of your heart," said the school's soccer coach, Rich Kozak. "That's why our crest goes over the top of your heart. When we say special, it's beyond special. It's incredible."

For Stan, it was a bittersweet night reminding him of the good old days and watching generations of men connected through the sport of soccer.

"When you look at it all and how blessed people are to play a sport like this, not everybody has this opportunity. You have to take advantage of it."


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