Fore! Coca-Cola Field becomes golf course

Posted at 10:38 PM, Sep 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-14 22:38:16-04

For one weekend only, Coca-Cola Field has become a golf course. It's the 2nd annual Links Course at Coca-Cola field this weekend where residents can enjoy 9 holes (par 27) of golf.


HOW IT WORKS: Tee boxes are set up in the stands with holes set up all over Coca-Cola Field. Golfers will tee off from the boxes and aim to get as close to the designated flag stick as they can with that one shot.  The hole is surrounded by various shapes. If a golfer gets their ball inside the shape that surrounds the hole, it's a birdie. If they get their ball between the "birdie shape" and the second shape that surrounds that, it's a par. Anything outside of the designated shapes is a bogey. 



- HOLE ONE (80 YARDS, PAR 3): Players will have their names and hometown announced

- HOLE TWO (65 YARDS, PAR 3): Players will tee off wearing Buffalo sports gear

- HOLE THREE (135 YARDS, PAR 3): Players will get a craft beer sample before teeing off

- HOLE FOUR (100 YARDS, PAR 3): Players will experience "crowd noise" when teeing off

- HOLE FIVE (72 YARDS, PAR 3): Players will pay homage to Arnold Palmer by mixing their own

- HOLE SIX (124 YARDS, PAR 3): Players can bet on themselves. 

- HOLE SEVEN (103 YARDS, PAR 3): Players will have some weather obstacles while teeing off

- HOLE EIGHT (19 FEET, PAR 3): Players will have to use an Adam Sandley hockey putter in the dark and colorful batting cages

- HOLE NINE (81 YARDS, PAR 3): Players can win a $250 Bisons gift card if they knock it in


OPEN DATES: The general public can begin golfing the course Friday morning. The last day to enjoy it will be on Sunday.  Teams MUST register online at www.bisons.com.