Flag football league giving kids the chance to learn, grow, and play

Posted at 5:39 PM, Jul 05, 2018

She's physical and she's talented and it's why Asia Dockery's teammates have given her a nickname.

"They call me devastation," she said.

Asia always wanted to play some form of football. After a little hesitation but approval from her mother, Asia was allowed to play.

"She reminded me that I've never set limits on them," Asia's mother Maria said. "So why would I set a limit on her doing this?"

Asia along with more than 70 kids have been playing in the Under the Lights Under Armour flag football league. The league teaches them about the game and encourages them to set goals.

"I can't wait to go to college and high school and maybe be in the NFL," 9-year-old Timothy Domon said. "I still have a long way ahead so I can get better and better."

James Mallory is the guy in charge and is no stranger to the sport. He was a standout at Kenmore West High School who went on to play college ball.

He has spent time in the NFL and the Arena Football League and enjoys passing on his love of the game.

"It's not about just running around and tackling and grabbing a flag in this situation," said Mallory. "It [the league] teaches you teamwork, discipline and how to accomplish a common goal."

Over the last few months, the kids have competed every Friday. Their playoffs were held last weekend and the winners of each division earned something pretty cool. The Syracuse Orange team and the LSU Tigers team have both earned a spot in the national tournament in Florida later this year.

"They earned this right to go down there, have fun and play some flag," Mallory said.

The Western New York league is only hoping to grow and bring back all of their current players. That includes Asia who's been having the time of her life.

"I can show how much I know how to play football and how athletic and fast I am."


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