Esports hoping to fill a void in a sports limited world

Posted at 4:00 AM, Apr 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-13 05:33:01-04

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — While most sports have been cancelled due to COVID-19, Esports are still rolling along.

For Canisius College and Niagara University, that means tournaments all week for the MAAC Championship.

"It's fast paced, it's quick, the tides turn quickly," Kiernan Ensor, Esports Coordinator at Canisius College said.

At 5 p.m. on Monday, Canisius and Niagara will face off in a video game call League of Legends with the winner advancing into the MAAC tournament.

It is the first of three other tournaments happening next week with Rocket League and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments as well.

All games can be watched live at the Twitch stream here.

"With hockey you watch a fight in real time, with Super Smash Bros., you can watch someone hit someone else with a rocket launcher," Bryce Molnar, the Esports Coordinator at Niagara University said.