You can't have one without the other: UB twin brothers share unbreakable bond

Patterson twins drive each other to be the best
Posted at 10:12 PM, Sep 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-04 22:25:07-04

They wear different numbers and play different positions but James and Jaret Patterson have always had a special relationship.

"Our bond is unbreakable," Jaret said. "Hes my best friend."

Twin brothers from Maryland who are freshman on the UB football team. Their love for the game started when they were young and they always planned on playing with each other through college.

"It was a dream," James said.

"It's always been a dream since we played pee wee football back at seven years old," Jaret added. "It's always been a dream."

But sometimes, a wrench is thrown into the plan. While James was getting a handful of offers, Jaret wasn't.

All they could do was hope it would all work out.

"You have had to have faith in God that it will happen," said James

It did when UB came calling. The brothers finally found a school that wanted both of them.

"It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders," Jaret said. "We had an option to go to school together."

The two joined the team in January and are now continuing their talents side by side at UB Stadium.

Off the field, they're just as close and like any set of brothers, continue that competition outside of football.

"We're always together doing the little things like who can get there first, who can open the door first," James said.

"Even in the classroom, if I get a higher grade, I'm like oh I got a higher grade than you so we definitely push each other in a lot of ways," Jaret added.

Pushing each other to be the best because they're each other's biggest fan.

Their bond like they said is unbreakable and a tattoo on their chest that reads "My brother's keeper" says it all.

"Whenever I'm going through a bad time, a good time, he's a person I can rely on to be there for me," Jaret said.

"And in one point in our lives, we're gonna have to separate and do our own thing," James added.

But that won't come anytime soon as these two brothers and best friends share their love for each other and the game of football.


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