UB's Anthony Johnson looking to have another record-breaking season

Posted at 10:10 PM, Apr 15, 2018

Two years ago, Anthony Johnson transferred to UB from Iowa Western Community College.

After red-shirting for a year, he hit the field for the first time as a UB Bull last season.

"I came into the season nervous," Johnson said. "For the past two years I didn't play and just got back after three years."

But it quickly turned into a season to remember. In fact, it could've been one of the best seasons by a UB wide receiver in recent memory.

Johnson went from a red-shirt to a 12-game starter and his numbers were off the charts.

"I'm thinking I'm gonna have a bad season and after that Minnesota game I started getting better and better at practice," Johnson said. "It just took off from there. It was an amazing feeling."

Johnson finished with nearly 80 receptions for 1,356 yards, good for second in school history in a single season. He also added 14 touchdowns which was another single season school record.

In the nation, Johnson ranked second in receiving yards a game and sixth in total receiving yards. He's surrounded by quite a bit of hype heading into his senior season but adds there's always room for improvement.

"I wanna work on my routes, my energy, and not getting tired as much," he said. "I just wanna do everything I can do to help my team win."

Because Johnson's not the only one who holds high expectations. Many fans are hoping UB has another good year. They return a handful of starters from last year's squad that became just the third team in program history to be bowl eligible.

"Everybody's out here working," Johnson said. "We're just excited. We're ready to kick the season off and get these wins."


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