Medaille's Laura Kratzke striking out the competition

Posted at 2:03 PM, May 03, 2018

Throwing a strike has become somewhat normal for Medaille pitcher Laura Kratzke.

"I prefer it," Kratzke said about her strike count. "I'm definitely a strikeout pitcher."

Kratzke is just a sophomore and currently leads the Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference in total wins and strikeouts. What's even more impressive though is as of Thursday afternoon, she was ranked 4th nationally (out of more than 250 pitchers) in total strikeouts this season. 

"I love the pressure," Kratzke said. "I think it makes me better, it forces me to focus and bear down for your team."

Kratzke's numbers are special but what may be even more special is who she throws to.

"We have that connection and can talk to each other about anything on the field but also have that toughness with each other, that tough love too," said Medaille catcher Lauren Kocher.

Kratzke originally moved out of state to play college softball but realized home is where the heart is. She moved back last Spring to join the Medaille softball team and in the process, the move reunited her with her high school catcher (Lauren).

"I missed catching for her in high school," Kocher said about Kratzke. "And then knowing that she was gonna come here and I get a second round with her, is great."

The Mavericks finished second in the AMCC standings and have earned a first round bye. The Tournament begins this weekend.

Last year, The Mavs were the two seed in the AMCC Tournament but didn't advance to the NCAA Division III Tournament after the Conference Championship was canceled due to weather.


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