Catalano family shares love and passion for the "track life"

Mother & sons race each other @ Lancaster Speedway
Posted at 10:00 PM, Sep 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-13 22:00:37-04

It's hard to miss their trailer as they pull into Lancaster Speedway.

"We purchased the hauler so we could ride together, laugh together, and get frustrated together," laughed Amy Catalano.

For Amy and her family their life revolves around the track.

"We'll have a weekend that rains out or something and we all sit home," Amy's son Tommy said. "I sit there and I'm like, what do regular people do?"

It all started years ago when Amy met her husband David while racing. They got married and later had five boys. All of them have been going to the track since they were little.

"I can remember as far back as I can going to the races on Friday nights watching my mom and dad and cheering them on," said Timmy Catalano.

Ten months out of the year, this family travels around the U.S. racing at different tracks.

"We always say people like vacations, people like to go on cruises, people like to go here and there," Amy said. "Pretty much all we do is race."

It's always been a family affair but at Lancaster Speedway, you hear the name Catalano quite a bit. That's because Amy and her two sons, Timmy and Tommy race against each other.

"It's a constant race between me and my mom and my brother," Timmy said. "On the way home we get bragging rights, who passed who, I was the best, those kinds of things."

While one will always do better than the other two, their love for racing and that track life is what keeps them closer than ever.

"We laugh about it that we live, eat and breathe the racing atmosphere," Amy said.

It's a family rivalry on the track, but they also say a family that races together stays together. The Catalano's don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

"When I was young, I wanted to be on the NASCAR tour," Amy said. "Tommy, he's striving to get there. Timmy, he strives to get there. We hope out of the five that someone will be successful enough to get on the tour. That's our goal. If everybody gets a little better, one of us might hit that home run."


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