Buffalo native and Uber driver Mark Delmonte enjoying the presence of Bills fans

Posted at 9:27 PM, Jan 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-05 21:27:06-05

Mark Delmonte has been an Uber driver for a year.


It's a way to make a little extra cash and get to know people.


This weekend though is his busiest and best yet.


"I'm only picking up Bills fans," Delmonte laughed.


If you can't tell, Delmote is a South Buffalo native born and raised and moved to Jacksonville about a year ago.


But while you can move the man away from the Buffalo Bills, you can't take the Buffalo Bills away from the man.


"I paid a large amount for my tickets but I don't care because that's what I do," Delmonte said. "I'm a Bills fan and I'd see them no matter what if I had a chance to."


"It's why Delmonte is so excited for this weekend's playoff game.


His family joined us in the car as he picked them up from the airport. The young couple are experiencing Jacksonville for one of the first times and for them, this game has a little extra meaning.


Our six-month old pased away in September and she was a big Bills fan. Every time the game was on she'd be watching it," said Becky Kmitch. "We bring along her little Bills onesie for good luck."


A little angel who's spirit is with them in Jacksonville and has brought this family together to celebrate her and help them heal with the team they love.