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Erie County Dept. of Health warning fans who plan on traveling to Miami for Bills-Dolphins game

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Posted at 5:25 AM, Sep 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-14 09:55:29-04

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — If you are planning on traveling to Miami for Sunday's Bills-Dolphins game, know that when you come back to Western New York, you'll have to quarantine for 14 days.

Florida is on New York state's COVID-19 Travel Advisory list.

A spokesperson for the Erie County Department of Health issued the following statement to 7 Eyewitness News warning fans about traveling to Miami

Anyone entering New York State who has traveled to a state on the NYS travel advisory list is required to quarantine for 14 days, with very few exceptions. This is a measure designed to prevent travel-based COVID-19 cases in New York and Erie County.

Individuals who enter Western New York through the Buffalo Niagara International Airport must provide information to NYSDOH representatives on arrival. Information about Erie County residents is shared with the Erie County Department of Health. We have an online form where individuals can report or self-report return to Erie County from a state on the travel advisory list.

Our recommendation is that traveling to a state on the travel advisory list, and Florida is currently included, for non-essential reasons is not advisable. Fans who choose to travel to Miami for a football game should know that they are actively choosing to put their health, the health of people in their household, and the health of our community at risk.

Our advice for anyone who chooses to do so: plan to stay home from work or school for 14 days after returning; avoid sharing items, food and drink with others in your household; sleep in a separate bedroom; if sharing a bathroom with others in your household is necessary, clean and disinfect after using. These travelers should monitor themselves for fever and other COVID-19 symptoms for that 14-day period. These travelers may seek a diagnostic COVID test at least five days after their travel in one of those states. However, a negative test does not shorten or end the individual’s quarantine period.

If symptoms develop, they should be prepared to isolate immediately in a separate area with a door and its own bathroom, and seek medical care and a COVID diagnostic test.
Erie County Department of Health

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