Bisons have "Keep Brady Suspended" Night

Posted at 7:38 PM, Jun 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-11 19:38:57-04
When it comes to game day promotions, nobody does it better than Minor League Baseball

The Bisons promo on Saturday, ahead of their double-header against Charlotte, made national headlines with "Keep Brady Suspended" Night.
And, yes, Tom Brady was on hand for the first pitch.

"Well, you know I spent a lot of years under scrutiny," the North Tonawanda native said.  "The Bills have a big rivalry with the Patriots so I was always razzed a little bit about having the same name of the New England quarterback.  It's been rough, but Karma has finally turned my way."
The Deflategate saga is well past the 500-day mark and shows no signs of going away.
Brady is seeking a reversal of his four-game suspension for his role in underinflated footballs against Indianapolis during the 2015 AFC Championship Game.  The 2nd Circuit US Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Commissioner Roger Goodell, upholding his four-game suspension.  
Brady would miss Week 4 against the Bills.
One of the features at the Bisons promo: Buy one ticket, get one free for anyone who donates a "properly" inflated pigskin.

Also if  fans brought a Brady jersey to donate, they would get 12.5 % off in the team store.  Per NFL rules, 12.5 PSI is the minimum amount of air pressure allowed in a football.

"Well, he's a big cheater.  He thinks he's better than everybody else," fan Cody Greenlief said.  "I don't think very highly of him because I hate how he beats the Bills.  The Bills are a much better team than him.  He gets mad when they sack them and he cries like a little baby."