Report: Bills have a "substantial interest" in UNC QB Mitchell Trubisky

Report: Bills have a "substantial interest" in UNC QB Mitchell Trubisky
Posted at 4:59 PM, Apr 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-11 17:12:14-04

The Buffalo Bills have been all aboard the quarterback train over the past week or so, being linked to five of the top quarterbacks. That includes Clemson's Deshaun Watson, Notre Dame's DeShone Kizer, Texas Tech's Patrick Mahomes, Pittsburgh's Nathan Peterman, and Mitchell Trubisky of North Carolina.

For Trubisky, the Bills reportedly held a private workout with him over the weekend, with both head coach Sean McDermott and owner Terry Pegula in attendance. It had many wondering if the Bills would actually spend the 10th overall pick on the quarterback.

Well, throw more fuel on that speculative fire.

In his latest mock draft for TheSportingNews.com, draft analyst Eric Galko paired Trubisky with the Bills. Normally it's just another mock draft to throw on the ever-growing pile of them, but the explanation for the Bills pick of Trubisky is what raised a few eyebrows:

"The Bills have substantial interest in Trubisky and have had it for a while. Don’t be surprised if they trade up."

Trubisky is in the running to be the first quarterback selected in the 2017 NFL Draft and has been rumored to go as early as the top 10. The Bills hold the 10th overall pick, which is set to start on Thursday, April 27. 

Joe B's Take

The Bills have certainly done their part on a fact-finding mission of knowing everything there is to know about the quarterbacks in this year's draft class. You certainly can't fault them for that, and all of these workouts have leaked out to the media over the last week or so.

This report is also coming on the heels of one NFL front office member, according to Bleacher Report, who believed that Bills GM Doug Whaley is "in love" with Clemson's Deshaun Watson. The Bills are certainly right in the midst of the quarterback discussion.

As for the Trubisky report, in addition to all the others, I believe it is the Bills doing their due diligence and learning what every single one of these quarterbacks has to offer. The Bills aren't sure if Tyrod Taylor will improve from his current form, and with him entrenched as a starter they actually have the flexibility to draft and develop a player this year.

That said, considering all the weaknesses they have on the roster and a relative desire to go after a playoff spot this season, I do not believe the Bills are targeting a quarterback at 10th overall -- let alone trying to trade up for one, whether it be Trubisky or Watson at this point in time.

Draft plans are fluid, though, and as we get closer to the actual event, sometimes the price of admission on some of these players goes up with increasing interest. That's just the way of the draft.

Trading up, considering their standing in this year's draft with only six total selections as it is, would rob them of at least one other potential starter for 2017, depending on how far up they would have to move to get him. Plus, they'd be doing it for someone who, very likely, wouldn't be an instant contributor to the team this year -- when they've stated through their other roster moves this offseason that they believe they can win this year.

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Like I said, it's a fluid situation, but I just don't see how they could do that to their roster right now -- based on what we know of their aspirations for 2017.

However, as of right now, if the Bills are able to move down from 10th overall, and with their subsequent picks at 44th overall and beyond, I believe quarterback is very much in the discussion to be picked. The Bills are doing all this homework for a reason, and not to just try and put up a smokescreen for all their plans.

If one of those players falls all the way out of the first round, perhaps that could facilitate a trade up in the order -- an act that would cost substantially less than to trade up in the first round. They could even stand pat at 44 and see what's available to them, too.

However, if it's 10th overall, it might just be a little too rich for their blood considering their offseason actions and plans for 2017.

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