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Reid Ferguson talks long snapping and viral trick shot video

Posted at 9:53 PM, Aug 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-17 21:53:21-04

A video that went viral this summer had Buffalo Bills long snapper Reid Ferguson in the spotlight.

"I was driving back home from the beach and when I got home I checked my phone and everybody was sending me different links of social media accounts that were posting the video," Ferguson said. "It was pretty cool. Fifteen minutes of fame I guess."

The video showed a little fun side to what Ferguson does on a daily basis. The journey to long snapping started back in 8th grade.

"The center and snapper got hurt," he said. "I was playing defensive end at the time but not really playing and getting on the field as much as I would have liked. I figured if I put enough practice in, it might be a good way to get myself on the field."

Ferguson made the transition permanent and wound up earning a spot long snapping for LSU.

He's in his second season with the Bills and is the lone long snapper. His position on the roster is pretty secure, but the position itself, is not very easy.

"They say it takes 10,000 reps to be an expert in anything you do," said Ferguson. "So I don't know how many reps I've done but trying to get as many perfect reps as I can to get solid at the position."

Ferguson spends the majority of his playing time hunched over which is why his off-season workouts are a little different than everyone else. That includes the fun he had down at the beach this summer. The question though -- could he hit a bottle again?

We put Ferguson to the test and hit a bottle on top of a garbage can two out of four times. When the Bills hit the field this season, Ferguson will be aiming to make every snap perfect.

The regular season is a few weeks away but when it comes to the future, Ferguson is hoping to be a long snapping for quite some time.

"If you're a good snapper, you can stick around for a while but you never know."


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