Polian preaches patience with Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott

Posted at 10:02 PM, Jun 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-05 22:02:03-04

17 years is long enough to wait for a postseason berth.

There have been moments where the current playoff drought could have come to a joyous end -- only to end in heartbreak for fans as they have continued to wait to hopefully get back into the playoffs.

If you were to ask Bills fans, they've been patient enough.

However, former Bills general manager and Hall of Famer Bill Polian says that's exactly what Buffalo faithful need to be with first year head coach Sean McDermott.

"It's going to require patience.  I know people don't like to hear that and everyone talks about the drought and it's real," Polian told reporters during Jim Kelly's Golf Classic in Batavia.

"Just as when Marv (Levy) came in, it took a little while for it to take hold.  It takes a little while for the players to understand what the staff and Sean wants. I think people are going to like what they see and with a little bit of time and patience it'll head in the right direction."

McDermott has received plenty of praise from Bills greats, as well.

"The last couple of coaches, that we've had. You know, Rex was Rex and Marrone was… Marrone," Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas said.  "Bill Polian said it months ago: He's Marv-like. When you have a guy like that who is going to be involved with just about everything, it's good."

"I like what they've got. Now it's just a matter of him getting the talent around him, or him getting his type of guys and putting his system together," Darryl Talley added.