McCoy thinks Bills players need to be more accountable

Posted at 1:55 PM, Dec 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-30 15:29:22-05

The Buffalo Bills have missed out on the playoffs once more, and for the second straight day, one of the team's stars is speaking up as to what needs to happen for the Bills to be successful.

On Thursday, wide receiver Sammy Watkins said the Bills need a culture change within the organization, and on Friday it was star running back LeSean McCoy's turn.

"[Sammy] is right, discipline has been an issue," McCoy started off. "I just think players need to take accountability for their own actions. It's one thing to talk about discipline and guys just not bought in, but, if they're not doing it, you can't really take their credibility. I just feel like as players -- as professionals -- as players, we've got to step up and be accountable. That's just the biggest issue."

How did it get to that point? What have players been doing throughout the 2016 season to where discipline and a lack of accountability became such a big issue?

"You know, we're played a lot of money to come here and play a sport that we've been playing since we were children. The small things -- being on time, being dialed in as far as assignments. There's so many times where it happens on the field where it's a blown assignment -- it may be a sack, it may be a touchdown -- and everybody's looking at each other. Nah, dial in, know your job so we don't have that. I mean, every once in a while you might have a blown mistake on the field -- it just happens, but not all the time."

McCoy, like Watkins will both be a huge part of the effort to get the team back to the playoffs in 2017, with a brand new head coach leading the way.

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