Joe B: Three keys to making the playoffs

Joe B: Three keys to making the playoffs
Posted at 11:37 PM, Nov 24, 2016

Sunday starts a critical six-game stretch for the Bills -- one that they'll likely need to get five wins from to sneak into the playoffs. What are the three keys to getting it done?

To me, based on how this team is built, it starts with having a much more consistent defense.

It's been all over the place for the Bills this season. Sometimes we get the Bengals game or the Patriots, and other times the bottom falls out against the New York Jets.

This team isn't offensively strong, so if they have any hope here, they need that defense to be a shut down unit from here on out -- and they certainly have the talent to do it.

Next, we need LeSean McCoy healthy.

The Bills are a much different team when LeSean McCoy isn't out there. With due respect to Mike Gillislee, McCoy is just a matchup nightmare because he finds yards, against good defenses, where they simply aren't. They need him to be healthy all six weeks here.

And lastly, if the Bills can get the Tyrod Taylor from the Seattle Seahawks game more often, that is a total game changer. The trouble is, way too often, we don't get that player which means they have to rely heavily on the defense.


But if Tyrod takes the reigns here, he can single-handedly make winning 5 out of 6 happen.