Filipowski: Stop kicking the Bills while they're down

Posted at 6:48 PM, May 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-13 18:48:32-04

Mental toughness is something the Bills have lacked in recent years but when it comes to year one with new Head Coach Sean McDermott steering the ship, I’d say they'll be able to overcome whatever mental hurdles come their way.

After all, the days of boisterous, unrealistic expectations and provoking the bully of the AFC East ended when Rex Ryan was told to kick rocks in Week 17.

But, speaking of kicking, for some odd reason people like to kick the Bills when they're down.

Take Sports Illustrated and Monday Morning Quarterback writer Jonathan Jones who released his way too early predictions for all 32 teams earlier this week.

He picked Buffalo to go 4-11-1 on the season.  Will they be that bad this year? Who knows.

A tie?  You know what they say about ties -- that's like kissing your sister.

Now, the overall record isn't the issue -- the issue is the reasoning.

One of which is Tyrod Taylor. Jones writes the Bills apparently don't like their above average quarterback.

To clarify, it's his contract that nobody liked a year ago, not Taylor.  Above average?  He's 14 and 14 as a starter over the last two years and while he won't lose you a game, he also won't win the big one either -- at least he hasn't proven to be able to do that, just yet.

But the main argument for Jones predicting the Bills to have one of the worst records in the NFL?

Ping pong-tables.

Jones writes in his piece McDermott’s "move to take the ping-pong tables out of the locker room sounds good until you realize the falcons went to the super bowl with three tables in their locker room last year."

Yes, the falcons went to the Super Bowl, with three ping-ping tables in their locker room.  It's a fact.

So is this: The Falcons also became the first team with three ping-pong tables in their locker room to blow a 25-point lead in the super bowl and lose on the biggest stage in historic fashion.

This is also a fact: the pool table was removed from One Bills Drive. The ping-pong table is still there.

There's a reason you don't win games on paper...but that's none of my business.